One usual false assumption is that senior citizens who begin having memory loss troubles are dealing with Alzheimer’s. It is important to be aware that senior individuals can experience memory loss due to a variety of reasons. Nutritional shortages, not getting enough rest, as well as clinical depression can all result in memory impairment. Dementia is a term that describes a set of signs and symptoms. It does not describe a particular illness but it could be a consequence of a number of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Temporary amnesia

When one struggles with mental deterioration, it’s hard to remember details of situations that happened a long time ago. They could also fail to remember information after several minutes. This is why most individuals with dementia tend to ask the same questions over and over again after every few minutes.

Speech issues

Dementia might hinder one’s capability to interact properly. A person might use words that don’t make sense. Individuals with this issue can also fail to remember specific simple words of items they use at least several times on a daily basis, such as a remove control, television, a fork, a knife, etc.


Most individuals with mental deterioration appear disoriented even when they are in a familiar surroundings, such as their own home. They might not know where they are, or what date it is.


This may not occur in the very early phases. However, it is a usual sign of dementia. It takes place when someone believes in certain things and is absolutely convicted that something is true, even if it’s not.

Failure to strategy and also implement simple tasks

Individuals with dementia commonly have difficulty performing some basic jobs, especially those that include cognitive function, language as well as reasoning. Something like preparing a meal could become complex and challenging for the person experiencing mental deterioration.


A lot of people with dementia are mentally withdrawn. Some even can’t sleep, or have suicidal thoughts. Apart from the typical feeling of being down that every person undergoes in life, people with mental deterioration are stuck in the state of physical and emotional withdrawal.


Mental deterioration usually leads to the loss of weight. This situation is in association with brain cells damage, and it affects a person’s appetite, as well as metabolic rate. In other cases, mental deterioration triggers weight gain.

Behavior adjustments

Among the initial symptoms of dementia are behavioral changes. For example, a person may become hostile in an unusual way. Others may seem disoriented which is an essential safety and security issue for caregivers.